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One person, one family, one community at a time. Every individual and every family has a unique road to wellness, health and hope. Optum manages outpatient behavioral health benefits for Idaho Medicaid members and provides free resources to promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma for all Idahoans. It is our commitment to help transform Idaho’s behavioral health system by focusing on helping people reach recovery in their own health journey.

Mental Health Awareness Month: The impacts of food insecurity

Without access to fresh and nutritious foods, the whole health of Idahoans suffers through mental health issues and chronic disease diagnoses. Idaho’s unique geography exacerbates this problem limiting access to affordable and nutritious food.

"I'm ending hunger because no one should go hungry," said Idaho Foodbank CEO Karen Vauk. "We have the food, we have the resources, we have people who need the food. It's a matter of getting it to the right places when people are in need. And most importantly, I'm ending hunger because we want to keep people healthy." 

Join Optum in helping end hunger and improve whole health for families, individuals and children. For Mental Health Awareness Month, Optum will match donations to the Idaho Foodbank up to $50,000.


Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

You have the right to get help and information in your language at no cost. Click here to view the Optum Nondiscrimination Notice and Language Services. To request an interpreter, call (855) 202-0973.