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Optum Care in Idaho: What to know, how to access care

The Optum Care Network now offers comprehensive health care options for Medicare Advantage-insured adults in southern Idaho through an expansive network of providers, hospitals, urgent care professionals and specialists trained in the treatment and prevention of various ailments and conditions.

Optum Care providers are not part of the Idaho Behavioral Health Plan and do not serve Idaho Medicaid members at the moment; if you are an Idaho Medicaid member seeking mental health or substance use treatment or have questions, call the Optum Idaho Medicaid Member Access and Crisis Line at 1-855-202-0973 or check out the resources elsewhere on this website. 

For Idahoans who are insured through any Medicare Advantage plan, Optum Care works with more than 100 insurance companies, providing Medicare-eligible seniors with more options for access to care. Optum Care’s mobile clinic brings health and wellness options to members curbside, to help alleviate transportation and other issues many face accessing care. The mobile clinic is available to Medicare Advantage patients in Idaho who choose a provider in the Optum Care Network. The clinic will be in southern Idaho at the following locations: 

Treasure Valley in September

  • Tuesday, Sept. 12  at  10555 W Overland Road
  • Wednesday, Sept. 13 in Garden City at 6725 N Glenwood Street
  • Thursday, Sept. 14 in Caldwell at 1012 Cleveland Bloulevard


  • Tuesday, Oct. 3 in Idaho Falls at  1725 1st Street
  • Wednesday, Oct. 4 in  Ammon at 3475 E 17th Street
  • Thursday, Oct. 5 in Pocatello at 905 Yellowstone Avenue

November (weather permitting)

  • Tuesday, Nov. 7 in Idaho Falls at  1725 1st Street
  • Wednesday, Nov. 8 in Ammon at 3475 E 17th Street
  • Thursday, Nov. 9 in Pocatello at 905 Yellowstone Avenue

Optum Care is also opening new Optum Community Centers in southern Idaho, as well – no-cost resources open to all adults ages 55 and up, regardless of Medicare Advantage insurance carrier, that help Idaho seniors stay active and healthy while having a fun time with others. 

To register for an appointment when the clinic is in your community, call 385-274-3814.