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Each year of operation, Optum Idaho has invested in the continuous development and improvement of educational opportunities available to our providers, in order to better serve our members. This library contains many of those resources.

Optum will continue to assess, develop, and implement educational opportunities that support the education contractual requirements and will look to proactively expand the continuum of behavioral health care services for our members. We are dedicated to building a collaborative partnership with our providers and offering access to the best and most cutting-edge educational content.


Key Resources and Contacts


Optum Idaho has developed a resource list of evidence-based practices (EBPs) to promote the use of scientifically established behavioral health interventions. Training and education in these EBPs will increase the expertise needed to provide effective interventions to members receiving services. Optum Idaho is not mandating use of specific evidence-based practices, but providing a clearinghouse of resources for providers to access based on their specific need and clinical judgement.

These lists identify General EBPs that can be utilized for a variety of treatment needs. They also identify EBPs for common diagnostic categories such as: Trauma, ADHD, Disruptive Behavior, Depression, and Anxiety.  These resources include free, low-cost, and higher-cost resources. Links are provided for each resource to increase ease of access. Additionally, there are a variety of delivery methods (webinars, DVDs, books, etc.) in an effort to meet the educational needs of providers. Resources include relevant modules available through our e-learning system, Relias, that can increase skills and knowledge base for working with specific populations. If you are having difficulty loading a specific course, please try again in a different browser.

Please review the Provider Training page to get more information on live webinars and in-person training opportunities that Optum Idaho will be hosting throughout the year. For additional information on EBPs, please visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center. If you have further questions about educational offerings or resources, please contact us at