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Optum Idaho Behavioral Health - DASH Board

The DASHTM foundations were designed to address critical aspects of cultural sensitivity. Select a topic below for culturally focused resources.

Welcome to the new Optum Idaho DASHboardTM an innovative web platform that offers easy access to knowledge, skills, and resources customized for our provider network and community partners. This project was founded to ensure the delivery of culturally sensitive care and support for our members and their communities.

The acronym DASHTM was created to emphasize four key elements of culturally compassionate practice: Diversity, Awareness, Sensitivity, and Humility. Explore the links to the left of your screen for more information concerning these topics.

Optum Idaho’s vision is to promote awareness, recognition, and appreciation of each individual’s diverse culture and expression of personal experience. By understanding and respecting a wide variety of perspectives, we deliver products and services that truly matter to those we serve—organizations and individuals who come from all walks of life. Initiatives built to meet the needs of specific groups signify compassion, inclusion, and ensure cultural relevance.   

Innovative Products and Services

We believe our members, families, and communities benefit from innovative products and services that genuinely address their needs and work better because they had a voice to design them.

Inclusion and Diversity

We support the efforts of a wide range of community organizations that share our commitment to inclusion and diversity, through joint development of initiatives, event and program participation, volunteerism and giving.

Advocacy Groups

We pursue collaborative affiliations with providers, agencies, non-profit organizations and advocacy groups that work to address the needs of our priority populations.

At Optum and UnitedHealth Group, inclusion and diversity is central to who we are. Valuing and involving a range of voices brings forth the insights and ingenuity that make it possible for us to achieve our mission. Inclusion and diversity fulfill UnitedHealth Group’s promise to help people live healthier lives and to make the health system work better for everyone. Inclusion is about each person feeling valued and connected. Diversity is about embracing and promoting a rich mix of differences. By including and appreciating diverse people perspectives and backgrounds, we generate stronger commitment, more creative solutions and culturally sensitive behavioral health care.