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Optum Idaho Behavioral Health Plan - Project Support Opportunities

Optum Idaho is a privately owned managed care contractor for the state Division of Medicaid and, in 2022, donated more than $800,000 to Idaho non-profits and professional organizations that support efforts to improve access to care and create better outcomes for individuals, families and communities. 

Following the COVID-19 global pandemic, Optum Idaho decided to focus more of our efforts towards prioritizing direct-to-need projects that help improve overall health outcomes for Idahoans and less on conferences and events. Optum Idaho knows that many factors can impact the health of Idahoans and its communities more so than clinical health care services, such as physical, economic and social environments. These factors, also known as the social determinants of health, influenced Optum Idaho to reassess its approach to individual and community health.

Optum Idaho is committed to working with community organizations who share our goal of transforming behavioral health care in Idaho, reducing health disparities and addressing the social determinants of health. Our project support program follows a thorough process of evaluating opportunities  balance the various community health needs throughout Idaho. For submissions requesting large dollar amounts, Optum Idaho will ask that submitters put together a high-level PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates how the proposed project or effort supports Optum Idaho’s priority goals; the relevant data submitters gathered to inform the project or effort; and how the submitter will track or measure the work done with financial support. With its limited community dollars,  Optum Idaho seeks to support the following types of projects (projects must occur in Idaho and only 501(c)3 organizations may apply):

  • Projects that address behavioral health disparities, such as access, affordability and quality 

  • Ventures that focus on behavioral health disparities for underserved and vulnerable populations

  • Opportunities to address the social determinants of health, including transportation, food insecurity, housing and more

  • Situations where Optum Idaho can help improve the behavioral health infrastructure through education, training, scholarships, etc.

  • Occasions to connect stakeholders by building and maintaining relationships and making connections where appropriate for leveraging resources and expertise

  • Optum Idaho will review submissions on a continuing basis and follow up with submitters regarding next steps. The sponsorship application form, which opens in a new tab, must first be downloaded to the desktop, filled out and then submitted via email to  

Please allow four weeks for applications to be reviewed.